Sample project references

Post-Merger Integration

  • Telecommunications:
    last mile pre-products development in the
    acquired cable operator Kabeldeutschland for Vodafone`s enterprise products
  • Post-merger integration
    of Network Care Services divisions of Nokia and Siemens

    (setup & resources, processes, tools, …)


  • Centralization and globalization for
    service delivery functions
    for telecoms network operations; move to
    low costs countries,
    mainly India

IT Program Management

  • Development and implementation of a
    cross-company order management IT platform; b2b interfaces with main customer and suppliers

Product Portfolio Management

  • Product usability: enhancing information flow from field use of products
    to product development / requirement management;
    bundling essentials, structuring requirements

Network Rollout

  • Program management
    of more than
    100 customer mobile
    radio rollout projects

Post-merger-Dr. Heinrich Schülen
Globalization-Dr. Heinrich Schülen
IT Program Management-Dr. Heinrich Schülen
Product-Dr. Heinrich Schülen
Network Rollout - Dr. Heinrich Schülen


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