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  • Substantial need for change from new technologies, shifting customer demands, rapidly changing market environments, …
  • Many complex projects and efforts to address all these challenges
  • Special situations like post-merger integrations, especially if these have not yet been completely finalized
  • The strong need for coordination of multiple projects running in parallel is not always addressed adequately – silo thinking becomes prevalent
  • Loss of holistic view by some of your project managers and team members lead to suboptimal results – fragmented processes, and bumpy tool or
    product launches, ivory towers, …
  • Insufficient transparency on some projects to assess their progress, and to make soundly substantiated decisions
  • For some projects even a loss of confidence regarding their completion in terms of time and budget

Dr. Heinrich Schülen My Contributions My contributions

  • Systematic project and program management
  • Transparency on project status and progress
  • Reporting to / collaboration with CxO level:
    • overview of essentials
    • regular short status update
    • details to requested degree only
    • thorough risks judgements
    • early warnings on deviations
  • Holistic, entrepreneurial view from top-down perspective
  • Integrating and bundling individual projects to integrated programs and implementing these into your strategy framework
  • Strong team collaboration; open-minded involvement of stakeholders; amicable working spirit

Dr. H. Schülen contact:

Dr. H. Schülen contact: