WORRIED - Dr. Heinrich Schülen-Karikatur Miguel Fernandez
CALL - Dr. Heinrich Schülen - Karikatur Miguel Fernandez
DISCUSS - Dr. Heinrich Schülen - Karikatur Miguel Fernandez
AGREE - Dr. Heinrich Schülen - Karikatur Miguel Fernandez

  • Whenever you feel uneasy or worried about future project progress you look for possibilities to raise/boost project or program performance

Contact me for a first
   phone call to get a first

  • do I ask the right questions ?
  • do I correctly understand your challenges?
  • do I combine your situation
    with my experience in a
    meaningful fashion ?
  • am I a good match with your

Let`s discuss an offer

  • how can I best contribute to your challenge?
  • how can the benefit of my engagement be measured?
  • What is the payoff of my engagement ? What explicit, financial benefits can you expect?
    How do benefits balance with
  • what prerequisites are needed from my side and from your side?
  • how deeply and to what extend
    shall I be involved?
    How many days per week?

Agree on frame of collaboration

  • Top-level buy-in in your
  • Forum /comittee to report to,
    to make desicions
  • Teams and team members
  • Lessons from history of project/program
  • Project enviroment
  • Operational details

START-Dr. Heinrich Schülen-Karikatur Miguel Fernandez
RUN-Dr. Heinrich Schülen-Karikatur Miguel Fernandez
CLOSE-Dr. Heinrich Schülen Interim Management-Karikatur Miguel Fernandez



  • What existing project standards and structures shoud be continued, which additional ones are necessary?
  • what regular meating/dates are in place?
  • which reporting in which formats, by when?
  • what other formalities to be set up?


During executions I will..

  • gain the trust and collaboration of your teams
  • review and perhaps refraish their current mandates, involvement
  • manage, coach and lead politely but strongly
  • Stringently pursue scope, objectives sand approach
  • clearly specify and push deliverables


Transfer to your organization

  • enable your teams and your organization to continue on their own
  • summarize and report, collate results write deliverables, e.g., documentations, instructions
  • transfer responsibilities, get commitments and sign-offs on continuation of activities and responsibilities